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Copper when worn on the wrist or fingers, gets absorbed in very small and negligible quantities into the blood stream. This process creates a physiological balance in the body. Copper can negate the toxic effects of several other high-toxicity metals in the body. These apart, copper triggers a response from the enzymes that help the body create hemoglobin. So purchase a Copper Bracelet and wear it right away-Better late than never.

Deficiency of copper and its properties may cause Aortic Aneurysms. Studies shown that lack of copper can cause an imbalance in the body which leads to increased blood cholesterol levels. The cumulative effects of this are damages to the heart and arteries. Copper is known to cross-link fibers, collagen and elastin to be specific, and without this cross-linking the onset of Aortic Aneurysms is rapid. Considering the elastin encapsulate major portion of the Aorta and surrounding regions, copper is a bare necessity to ensure that these fibers remain intact. So shop for a copper bracelet and wearing it is a simple and long-term, slow but sure process to ensure long-term cardiovascular health.

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